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The government should label Organic and Genetically Modified products

A member of Agricultural Committee in Islamic Council suggests labeling organic and GM products.

“In European countries, healthy and organic products with specific brand present to the market and people have choice to buy expensive healthy or else,” Abbas papi zadeh says.

“In our county, the government still doesn’t determine specific brand for well crops. If someone wants to produces healthy products, we don’t have certifies lab to approve them, if these healthy products have certified brand which show that they are good, our people will pay, “he adds.

The difference between a healthy, organic and GM didn’t exist right now. The state should define and tag them. They should have their own prices.

Definitely our people chose healthy products but there is no differences between them right now. As a result, GM and Organic released in a same way. The farmer who produce healthy doesn’t have differences with the others.

source: ivoia

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