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نشست ایران و عراق

Iran and Iraq expand their Trades

Iran and Iraq Expand Their Trades

Iran-Iraq chamber of commerce meeting was held in Iran Chamber of Commerce, industries, mines & Agriculture (ICCIMA).

This event was held in order to exchange information and views on Iraq trade problems. There were producers, economic actors, exporters, economic advisers and government officials. Iran-Iraq chamber of commerce speakers had presentations in 2 separated panels. They discussed opportunities, threats, difficulties related to Iran and Iraq commercial activities.

In the meeting, Mr Al Eshagh, President of Iran- Iraq chamber of commerce, said that we have a long common border with Iraq, as well as common point of views, similar cultures and religious, etc.with our brothers. Mr Seyed Ali, Chairman of Export Guarantee Found of Iran (EGFI) described how EGFI can guarantee and support Iranian producers and exporters and how it can assist Iraqi importers to finance their import from Iran (for more information please refer to www.egfi.ir).



نشست ایران و عراق 1

نشست ایران و عراق 2

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