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Khosrotaj: Iran’s 2 billion dollars Export to 5 Northern Countries

Last year (2015) Iran exported 2 billion dollars non-oil commodities to northern countries like Russia, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Khosrotaj, Chairman of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran (TPO) said to the news.

Definitely the capacity for non-oil export is higher than this amount. From Mar/July 2016 more than 900 Million Dollars exported to these countries. If this rate growth continuous accessing to 3 billion dollars will be inevitable.

Exporting to foreign counties has 4 essential elements, first recognition of type of commodity which is going to export. All responsible departments like embassies, chambers, export companies, and provinces responses should consider these elements.

Type of commodity for export is a dynamic issue, because it changes through technology and consumers appetite. So all departments which are responsible should have connect to each other and share their datas and knowledge. Another factor is knowing buyers and customers in destination countries.  

Relevant ministries, ambassadors, and provinces should be sensitive and precise, Mr Khosrotaj mentioned it as a third agent, which can help to expand export volume. We should be care about export activists. If we want to have sustainable export we should have an outline for this area.

The fourth element for development of non-oil export is how to perform our duties. Khosrotaj also mentioned, implementation of laws and monitors the regulation can help to understand our weak points in this area.


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