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Iran’s Agricultural products will be offered in Russian’s thousand branch chain store


  “Iran’s agriculture products has good quality which export to other countries like Russia, “ Aliakbar Mehrfard, Deputy Ministry of Agriculture said when he had meeting with Russian X5 chain stores head. It should build a common consortium between two countries, this consortium can make common cooperation, Mehrfard said. Plans should be developed step by step with X5 chain stores. …

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Vegetable Oils Remove Heavy Metals From Water


Dangerous lead levels in drinking water in cities across the nation have recently made national headlines. Water contaminated with lead, mercury, or other heavy metals poses serious problems for not only our health but also for our environment. At the Agricultural Research Service’s (ARS) National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research(NCAUR) in Peoria, Illinois, scientists are investigating safe ways to remove heavy metals …

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Khosrotaj: Iran’s 2 billion dollars Export to 5 Northern Countries


Last year (2015) Iran exported 2 billion dollars non-oil commodities to northern countries like Russia, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Khosrotaj, Chairman of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran (TPO) said to the news. Definitely the capacity for non-oil export is higher than this amount. From Mar/July 2016 more than 900 Million Dollars exported to these countries. If this rate growth continuous …

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Winds of change blow through Iran farming

Dry land Farm

Iran is expanding dryland farming as a lingering drought is forcing the country to use its resources more prudently and cast off deep-seated wasteful ways. Most of the aquifers which carried water from under mountains into plains for hundreds of years have hit rock bottom, leaving vast expanses of farmland and orchards bone dry. The situation has never been so …

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Shafei elected as ICCIMA chairman

غلامحسین شافعی

TEHRAN, Sep. 04 (MNA) – Gholamhossein Shafei was elected as the head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) on Sunday morning.The election ceremony to select the tenth chairman of ICCIMA was officially held on Sunday morning in Tehran with attendance of 401 members. Shafei gained the top position in the Iranian Chamber of Commerce by winning 198 …

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Dr. Darush Mahmoodi: Iran has a great potential for vegetable oil export


Dr. Darush Mahmoodi President of IVOIA said in vegetable oil export committee: Iran has a great potential for vegetable oil export.  Iran’s veg oil industry refines more than 1.4 million T vegetable oil each year, however the capacity for refining vegetable oil is 3.5 million T.  So we have 2 Million T inactive which should be consider. We can fill this …

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