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The government should label Organic and Genetically Modified products


A member of Agricultural Committee in Islamic Council suggests labeling organic and GM products. “In European countries, healthy and organic products with specific brand present to the market and people have choice to buy expensive healthy or else,” Abbas papi zadeh says. “In our county, the government still doesn’t determine specific brand for well crops. If someone wants to produces …

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Iran’s Agricultural products will be offered in Russian’s thousand branch chain store


  “Iran’s agriculture products has good quality which export to other countries like Russia, “ Aliakbar Mehrfard, Deputy Ministry of Agriculture said when he had meeting with Russian X5 chain stores head. It should build a common consortium between two countries, this consortium can make common cooperation, Mehrfard said. Plans should be developed step by step with X5 chain stores. …

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Agriculture Minister suggested to economic council agriculture products rate guaranteed purchase


From Agr Ministry Suggested to economic council Agriculture products rate guaranteed purchase. “At the present, it is notify to economic council committee,” Hojati Says. Agr-Products proposed rate guaranteed purchased declare through to cost of production and inflation rate. “We are optimistic that the notify rate will be admission by farmers,” Hojati adds. We purchased 4 billion dollars wheat from farmers. …

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Khosrotaj: Iran’s 2 billion dollars Export to 5 Northern Countries


Last year (2015) Iran exported 2 billion dollars non-oil commodities to northern countries like Russia, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Khosrotaj, Chairman of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran (TPO) said to the news. Definitely the capacity for non-oil export is higher than this amount. From Mar/July 2016 more than 900 Million Dollars exported to these countries. If this rate growth continuous …

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Currency Swap to Further develop volume of Russian and Iran trade exchange


Vice chairman of Iran-Russian Chamber of Commerce has called for currency swap to further develop volume of the two countries’ trade exchanges. Ghadir Ghiafeh touched upon the banking cooperation agreement between Iran and Russia on use of Rial and Ruble in bilateral trade exchanges saying “in recent years, relevant negotiations have been conducted at low levels between the two sides with …

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Market Report: Lacklustre rapeseed yields support prices

Rapeseed plant

Rapeseed futures in Europe have been inching upwards this month, shored up mostly by unremarkable yields across the continent. Even the physical markets in Europe, for example in the UK, are firming up as traders continue their buying sprees in order to increase stockpiles as supply and demand remain tight. By Vladimir Pekic Published: 15 August 2016 04:13 PM This …

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Malaysian palm oil price near 3-week low on weak soy, easier supply

palm 2

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian palm oil futures prices dipped in trade on Thursday, hitting their lowest levels in nearly three weeks, as they tracked rival soybean oil prices.     Traders also said palm declined on easing market supply tightness, despite strong export data from cargo surveyors earlier in the day.     “Chicago has not been very positive. At the same time, tightness is easing, …

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Malaysian palm oil stocks seen at 5-year low

palm 1

Malaysian palm oil inventories are likely to have dropped in August to a more than five-year low as a strong surge in exports outpaced a smaller growth in output. By Emile Mehmet Published: 06 September 2016 05:50 PM

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Agriculture Ministry plans to boost domestic production

اسکندر زند

Assistant director of Agriculture Ministry said: According to agriculture ministry plans, Iran will produce 100 percent of its local wheat and barley needs, and 70 percent of beet in the country. Mr Eskandar Zand added: Due to growing population and limited water resources, soil and investment we can be independent through economy resistant policies  until 2025. We can produce all our …

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Winds of change blow through Iran farming

Dry land Farm

Iran is expanding dryland farming as a lingering drought is forcing the country to use its resources more prudently and cast off deep-seated wasteful ways. Most of the aquifers which carried water from under mountains into plains for hundreds of years have hit rock bottom, leaving vast expanses of farmland and orchards bone dry. The situation has never been so …

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